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46th Annual Conference Samford University        

National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs, INC.

Friday, October 18th

☐  12:30pm

      Registration Open

      Cooney Field House, room 305

☐  1:15-1:30pm


      Florin Beschea, NASILP President, Davidson College

      Dr. Grant Henley, Chair of Department of World Languages & Cultures, Samford University

☐  1:30-2:30pm

      The NASILP Model in Action!

      Jenny Faile, NASILP Secretariat, University of South Alabama

      Lioba Gerhardi, NASILP Vice-President, Vassar College

☐  2:40-3:10pm

   Critical Languages Program @ UNA

      Rebecca Linam, University of North Alabama

☐  3:15-3:30pm Refreshment break

☐  3:30-4:00pm

   ACTFL Proficiency Assessments: Placement, Progress Measurement, and Language Proficiency Certification

      Andrew Bowen, LTI: the ACTFL Assessment Office

☐  4:10-4:40pm

   Language Policy and Legislation Recap for 2018-2019 and Looking Ahead to 2020

      Trey Calvin, JNCL-NCLIS

☐  4:50-5:20pm

   Examples of the Use of Technology for Learning Languages

Mike Ledgerwood, Samford University

☐  5:30-6:00pm

   Using H5P for Less Commonly Taught Language Learning

      Scott Brill, Language Canvas, LLC

☐  6:30-9:00pm

      Dinner at Landry's Seafood House

Saturday, October 19th

☐  7:30am Buffet breakfast @ Drury Inn Hotel

☐  9:00-9:30am

      Redefining Context: Three Practical and Surprisingly Simple Ways to Harness the Power of BYOD

      Molly Godwin-Jones, Kansas University

☐  9:40-10:10am

   STARTALK and the Impact of Intensive Critical Language Programs

      Irina Pidberejna, Samford University

☐  10:15-10:30am Refreshment break

☐  10:30-11:00am

      Preparing for the Boren Scholarship Experience: the Process from Applying to Going Abroad

      Hadley Spadaccini, University of Alabama Graduate Student

☐  11:10-11:40am

   Ask What Language Study Can Do for Technology

      Cory Duclos, Colgate University

☐  11:50-12:20pm

      “Écoute-Radio”: Building Listening Comprehension Skills using Music in an Intensive, Cooperative Environment

  1. Brian Mann, University of North Georgia

☐  12:30pm Buffet Lunch

☐  1:30-2:30pm

      Business meeting for NASILP Member Institutions

      (one vote per institution)

☐  2:30pm Adjourn