• 2018 NASILP Conference OCT. 26-27 at University of Miami

  • Share information for language education

  • Understand different culture

  • Learn a new language

  • Open your heart

  • to the diversity of our world

  • and aware of new cultures

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2018 NASILP Conference OCT.26-27

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NASILP Secretariat

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who are members of NASILP?
    • Currently many universities, colleges, and schools in the United States are affiliated with the NASILP. Any academic institutions may apply for membership. Individual membership is also available.
  • What is the institutional membership fee?
    • $300 per year or $750 for three years. New membership is established for three years and later renewed at either rate.
  • How many students are engaged in the NASILP approach to language learning?
    • The number varies from term to term, but it's estimated that about 6,000 students enroll in NASILP-related academic programs each fall.
  • NASILP's member schools offer academic credit for these courses?
    • Yes. Grades and academic credit are based on the assessment of an "outside Examiner" for another institution. NASILP programs are virtually unique in providing external validation of students performance.
  • Who directs the Association?
    • NASILP is administered by an Executive Director appointed by the Board of Directors and five Officers (President, Vice-President, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer). The Association's day-to-day business is conducted through the Secretariat at University of South Alabama.
  • Does NASILP receive financial support in addition to membership dues?
    • NASILP has received grant support for special projects from the U.S. Department of Education, the Japan Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and ARCO Corp. (Atlantic-Richfield).
  • Are there limitations to the NASILP format?
    • Yes. NASILP programs do not incorporate the study of literature, linguistics courses at the advanced undergraduate or graduate level.

      For further questions,   please contact us      

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